The best piece of advice I can give to all of my seniors would be to relax. We’ve prepped for the session and prepared as best we could. Now it’s session time, we’ve met at our designated location and are ready to get started. Take a deep breath and know that all I want is […]

One of the biggest struggles I feel with planning your senior session is determining what you want from your locations. Do you like to be surrounded by trees, tall grass and flowers? Do you want to be surrounded by architecture, industrial settings and modern buildings? Sometimes you might have a specific location in mind, which […]

I don’t like there to be any surprises when it comes to the process so this is what to expect after your senior session. Once we’ve wrapped up shooting, your senior gallery will be delivered via email in about 6-8 weeks. That link will show you the best, edited photos taken from the session. From […]

What you don’t see are the moments in between. I think the best thing that happens during a senior session doesn’t have anything to do with the actual pictures. Don’t get me wrong, the priority is amazing photos. But to me, it’s the experience that each person on the other side of my camera has […]

Do you have a lot of locations that you want to take photos for your senior session? I love that you have places that you love picked out! I cannot wait to explore them with you. One thing I want you to keep in mind is that we want to be taking pictures more than […]

A lot goes into planning your senior session, but here are a few things to keep in mind to be prepared for your senior session! Planning on getting a tan? Your natural skin color is the very best tone for your eyes and hair color, but I completely understand wanting to be a little bit […]

Choosing professional hair and makeup or doing it yourself is a personal preference. Here are a few thoughts that may help your decision! Many seniors are skilled in DIY hair and makeup and know how they look and feel best. If this is the case, I’d plan to wear “slightly” heavier make-up than normal. This […]

Senior sessions have always held a special place in my heart. Looking back on high school senior myself, I really loved that time in my life. I loved my friends and classmates. I loved who I was, even when I didn’t feel confident or like I knew exactly who I was. Looking back on my […]

I would consider myself a subject focused photographer, not location focused. This simply means I believe that the subject (and lighting) are the most important part of the photo. The first thing we want to take into consideration about any location we shoot is the light. A beautiful background is great for sure, but proper […]

The key to any successful, beautiful senior session has less to do with clothes or props and everything to do with light. You may have heard that cloudy days are best for photography, which they have their pros, but it simply isn’t 100% true. Sunshine can help create some of the most magical images because […]