What you want from your locations!


One of the biggest struggles I feel with planning your senior session is determining what you want from your locations. Do you like to be surrounded by trees, tall grass and flowers? Do you want to be surrounded by architecture, industrial settings and modern buildings?

Sometimes you might have a specific location in mind, which I love. I am always willing to try new things and go to new places. However know I am going to be totally honest with you about the potential of the location and it’s lighting. Some places might seem great, but really aren’t ideal for photography. Whether it be because of lighting, clutter, or even the colors of the place, I want the best outcome for you. But we can definitely check it out prior and see what we can do.

When choosing locations, you also want to keep in mind the season and what the surroundings are going to look like. Different places look better during different times of year. We want to make sure that we choose a location that will look awesome for your outfits and the time of year of your session!

If you have absolutely no idea where you want to go, do not worry about it! I will ask you some of your likes and dislikes and send over my senior location gallery to prompt what feels like the best fit for you. Or do you want a little bit of everything? I can let you know the best places that have backdrop variety for the best possible outcome!

Rhianna Virkus || Dawson Boyd Senior
Location: Gary SD & Surrounding Area

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