Being Prepared for your Senior Session


A lot goes into planning your senior session, but here are a few things to keep in mind to be prepared for your senior session!

Planning on getting a tan? Your natural skin color is the very best tone for your eyes and hair color, but I completely understand wanting to be a little bit sun kissed. Do a trial run a few months before if you are planning to get a spray dan to make sure you don’t come out looking like a Dorito. You can also just go on a little walk each day to get a little bit of color.

Along those same lines, keep in mind that tan lines are not easily removed from photos. I would recommend a sunless tanner to help with them or getting a little sun prior to your session. Definitely do not try a brand new sunless tanner the day before your session. Make sure you’ve tried it out before and you like how you look. The tan lines we have to worry about most are from tank tops and apple watches.

Make sure that your fingernails are clean. I know it’s such a small part of the photo, but dirty nails are noticeable! If you want to have your nails painted, keep in mind a color that goes with all of your options or a simple french manicure. Same goes for your toes.

Lay out all of your outfits when planning. You might have two outfits that are pretty much the same or two similar colors. Add diversity in there to give yourself a variety. Also pack all of the accessories, shoes, socks and appropriate undergarments for each outfit.

All of these tips will help you be prepared for your senior session and have the best results!

McKenna Olsen || Deuel Senior
Location: McCrory Gardens, Brookings SD
Dakota Nature Park, Brookings SD

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