The Heart Behind My Seniors


Senior sessions have always held a special place in my heart. Looking back on high school senior myself, I really loved that time in my life. I loved my friends and classmates. I loved who I was, even when I didn’t feel confident or like I knew exactly who I was. Looking back on my senior photos, I remember that exciting, fun and kind of carefree time in my life. It makes my heart happy thinking about it.

I think maybe one of the many reasons that I love spending this special time with seniors is not only because of the memories I have, but I feel like I get to share a little bit of that happiness I feel with them. I think I can guide them into feeling confident and more like themselves. Usually seniors leave happier than when they came. I get to watch their personalities unfold and really see who they are. I also get the joy of showing them how the world sees them in their own uniqueness. All my heart wants to do is give them some joy in seeing themselves how the rest of us see them.

Lauren Berge || Deuel HS Senior
Location: Watertown, South Dakota

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