Hair and Make Up


Choosing professional hair and makeup or doing it yourself is a personal preference. Here are a few thoughts that may help your decision!

Many seniors are skilled in DIY hair and makeup and know how they look and feel best. If this is the case, I’d plan to wear “slightly” heavier make-up than normal. This may or may not include a little blush and lipstick/gloss that are a tiny bit darker than your natural lip color. I also highly recommend really good mascara or false lashes.

If you are even the tiniest bit hesitant about doing it yourself, I would highly recommend a professional hair and makeup artist. Professional hair & makeup translates incredibly well to your photos. These professionals are trained to help conceal spots you don’t like, contour your face so it looks the best in every light and use colors that compliment your skin to make it look flawless. They will also make your eyes pop with false lashes + shadows, manicure your eyebrows to perfection and more! This allows you to relax and get a little pampered before your session even starts!

Your goal is to look and feel naturally beautiful on the day of your session, so elaborate or fancy hairstyles are not recommended. Think fresh, natural, fun and finished (meaning well thought out, just like your clothing choices). However you style your hair, make sure you are comfortable and confident with the look.

The biggest takeaway should be that if you know you look incredible, that will give you a little extra boost of confidence in front of the camera that you need. However that happens, I want you to have the most enjoyable, less stressful experience possible.

Lexi Gloege || Lac Qui Parle
Location: Appleton MN & Surrounding Area

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