During senior sessions, I like to make the most out of our time by choosing one location and then roaming around that place. Marshall Minnesota is an amazing town for location variety. One of the main spots I love shooting for “nature” is the SMSU Nature Park right by the football field. For Chidi’s session, […]

Christina, a Marshall HS Senior, had a gorgeous senior session at Camden State Park just outside of Marshall MN. Looking at her stunning photos, you’d never know that it was so unbelievably humid out and this poor, sweet girl also got stung by a bee on her ankle about halfway through! Talk about memorable and […]

Tracy MN Senior, Marissa is one of those girls who you know is going to run the world someday! I am so in awe of this girl’s accomplishments at 17! What a freakin rockstar! Also, talk about stunning! This gorgeous girl handled her senior photos with grace and ease. Most of the time seniors can […]

Marshall MN Senior, Piper decided that she wanted a sunrise session at Pipestone National Monument and it was absolutely monumental. (See what I did there?) In all honesty, Piper was absolutely breaktaking! Her and I walked the trail around the monument, stopping at all of these incredible spots along the path, getting the most gorgeous […]