Location Variety // Marshall MN


During senior sessions, I like to make the most out of our time by choosing one location and then roaming around that place. Marshall Minnesota is an amazing town for location variety. One of the main spots I love shooting for “nature” is the SMSU Nature Park right by the football field.

For Chidi’s session, we started off at the football field to show off all of his jerseys and love of sports. We then ventured behind the stadium, down one of the paths at the nature park and all around that area. After we had thoroughly used everything we needed to there, we went downtown. Now, I love downtown Marshall. I think there are so many unique colors and textures that really highlight a senior session. The variety that Marshall offers is huge.

One other thing I want to note is Chidi’s smile. You could see that he finally opened up for real smiles towards the end. That is one reason that my senior sessions are two hours long. It gives the senior time to really relax and be themselves if they don’t right away. So obsessed with these! Also the location variety within these two blocks of downtown is freaking awesome!

Chidi Nwakama || Marshall HS Senior
Location: SMSU Football Stadium

SMSU Nature Park
Downtown Marshall MN

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