Joel & Kassidy had a beautiful, warm August 1st wedding in Aberdeen, South Dakota at Dakota Event Center. My favorite thing about this day was the way they celebrated the love of their family. Part of Kassidy’s grandpa’s shirt was sewn on her dress along with a charm on her amazing flowers from Aberdeen floral. […]

Looking back on this day makes me so happy. Literally the entire day was filled with joy and laughter. With everything that 2020 has brought, you’d never know a thing when you are around these two. Their love and joy is so much fun to be around. My favorite memory of the day was sneaking […]

There is just something about these two. It’s as simple as that. Jacob & Kelsey are just so special. Their wedding day was filled with an incredible and indescribable love, not just for each other and their families, but for God. Both of these two live a life made to honor Him and it was […]

The guests had no idea what they were in for. Little did they know that the “engagement party” they were invited to actually turned out to be David & Lyndsey’s wedding! Their barn turned into a amazing location for their ceremony and their entire farm turned into one of the most beautiful wedding venues complete […]

You know that feeling when you meet two people and you can just tell how perfect they are for each other? That is exactly how I felt when I met Kristin & Michael. These two are the perfect match. Their personalities balance each other out and to see them look at one another. Their happiness […]