The key to any successful, beautiful senior session has less to do with clothes or props and everything to do with light. You may have heard that cloudy days are best for photography, which they have their pros, but it simply isn’t 100% true. Sunshine can help create some of the most magical images because […]

Christina, a Marshall HS Senior, had a gorgeous senior session at Camden State Park just outside of Marshall MN. Looking at her stunning photos, you’d never know that it was so unbelievably humid out and this poor, sweet girl also got stung by a bee on her ankle about halfway through! Talk about memorable and […]

Minneota HS Senior, Norah had an unforgettable senior session at Camden State Park. Her quirky personality made for a fun morning exploring all the places the park. I enjoyed chatting with her and her mom about Norah’s accomplishments and all of the things she enjoys! Also, girl has the most stunning, ice blue eyes. I […]