Who to Bring to Your Senior Session


Who you bring to your senior session is important. You should only bring people who you are comfortable 100% to be yourself around. Moms and dads are always welcome and encouraged to participate.

That being said, I would recommend not have too many additional people at your session. More often than not, you will relax and be more yourself if you don’t have a large audience. I personally prefer to be one-on-one with you so that I can get your personality to shine without the pressure of feeling like you have to “perform”.

However if you choose bring parents, a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend, just make sure that they are going to help make the experience better and not distract or take away from it. This experience is about you and showing who you are so I want to make sure that we get that!

Kylie, for instance, had her mom and boyfriend along with her. You could tell that she was having the best time with the two of them present. Boyfriend also may or may not have gotten a little bit wet helping her get to a location so that made for a little lighthearted teasing to bring out smiles on everyone. (Don’t worry, no boyfriends were harmed during the making of this session.)

Bonus… We try to snap one or two photos of you with your people to remember who you brought along to your senior session!

Kylie Knollenberg || Yellow Medicine East HS Senior
Location: Camden State Park, Lynd MN

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