What to Wear // Senior Girls


One of the most frequent questions I get asked what to wear for senior girls. I’ve come up with a few helpful tips in order for you to pick outfits out for the big day!

Have a wide variety! I typically recommend 3-5 outfits for a 2 hour session (not including sports uniforms). Within those outfits, it’s nice to have maybe a dresses or skirts, a couple jeans/shorts outfits. Longer sleeves and shorter sleeves. You don’t want to show up with only dresses and skirts because that can limit some posing. Bring a summer outfit, be dressy, grab a cute jacket, etc.

Be comfortable! Make sure you are choosing outfits that you love and are comfortable in. If you don’t like fitted clothing, debuting a super tight dress may not be the right call. I don’t want you to feel self conscious and constantly wondering if something looks bad so if you don’t feel comfy in something, don’t include it in your senior session wardrobe. You will probably be sitting on the ground, laying down, walking, etc so you want outfits you can move around in.

Colors! Layers! Textures! That is the perfect combination for a great outfit. But also remember when planning your outfits that simple goes a long way too. Busy designs, crazy patterns, and clothing with wording on it can distract from your face. Think about what colors look good on your skin tone and with your hair too!

In my style and prep guide, you will get so many more tips to help with what to wear for senior girls!

Taylor Ekern || Castlewood HS Senior
Location: Hendricks MN

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