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Tell your story. That’s what a senior session should do. This is a time in your life that you want to look back and remember who you were, what you loved and all of the amazing things about you. This is the best part of this photo session. You get to showcase WHO YOU ARE. Bring out all of the fun things about your personality. Relax and have fun. Be yourself. Bring your favorite sweater. Wear that necklace your best friend gave you. Do the things that make you, you! Give me a peace sign or do that goofy pose you and your friends always do. Just be yourself and let me tell your story.

Bianca definitely shined with this. She was absolutely showcasing her adventurous, funny personality during her session, which I absolutely loved. I think she really shows who she is during this session. She told her story.

During your senior session, tell your story. I want to see the serious parts of you, the funny parts of you, the glamorous parts of you and everything in between. Be yourself. I will help you relax and tell your story how you want it to be told. We will be serious together. We will be goofy together. Don’t stress about a thing.

Bianca Elsing || Canby HS Senior
Location: Canby MN & Gary SD

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