Senior Twins


It’s crazy to me that after 10+ years in business that I had my first set of senior twins! Justin & Jordon, along with their mom, were absolutely amazing to work with. We wanted some photos of them together, but I also wanted them each to feel like the individuals they are. I made sure to spend one on one time with each of them and their own uniqueness.

Being my first experience, there are so many things I loved. There are also a few things I would tweak to make the experience go even a little bit smoother. I loved having the sessions on the same day and I think we would start out with photos of them together. Everyone feels better when they aren’t alone, right? By keeping them together, that gives each time to be comfortable in front of the camera. Then I would split up the time between each so they get undivided attention and can really dive into their personality and hobbies. Once almost wrapped up, I would bring them back together to get a few of those “end of session” smiles and call it a day! All in all, I want to celebrate them both as individuals and as twins! I think with Justin and Jordon, we were able to do just that!

Jordon & Justin Perkins || Dawson Boyd HS Seniors
Location: Dawson MN & Surrounding Area

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