Clear Lake SD Senior – Kyle | Ashley Lewis Photography


Senior session’s like Kyles are why I LOVE what I do. I feel pretty confident in saying that most senior guys probably don’t love getting their pictures taken. Something that I pride myself in is making the experience for them less uncomfortable for those who aren’t maybe looking forward to it. During senior sessions, we chat about their lives and walk around so it doesn’t feel awkward. I want my seniors to feel comfortable and think more about just hanging out with me versus the pressure of being in front of a camera.

I would have to say that Kyle did a great job in relaxing and letting his guard down to get some fantastic images of him for his family. At the end of his session he even said “it really wasn’t that bad”. I will take that as the biggest compliment that I can get from any senior guy!

Ashley Lewis Photography
Clear Lake SD Senior
Buffalo Ridge | Gary SD

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