Indoor Sports Session // DHS


I do love a good indoor sports session for seniors. It’s a great way to be creative with lighting and really showcase a sport or hobby. As you look through Dravyn’s indoor sports photos, you’ll see we were able to really highlight some movement and create a kind of “moodiness” that I enjoy on sports shots. There are pros and cons shooting indoors, just like anything. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Pros: Bring my own lighting to create a darker, moodier look. Really be creative with posing and more movement. Very customized to your look.
Cons: Limited access to the gym. If we don’t have control over the overhead lights, we may not get some of these looks. Bringing my own lights does take longer and may take time out of other locations.

I’d recommend doing some indoor sports photos if you have a sport that is really your passion. We usually spend about an hour in the gym so we want to make sure that it’s a big part of your life and something that needs to be showcased in it’s most authentic way in your senior photos.

I am actually obsessed with how Dravyn’s indoor shots turned out. We worked off each other’s ideas and got some really amazing stuff.

Dravyn Carlson || Deuel HS Senior
Location: Deuel HS Gym & Gary SD

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