Do you need an additional senior session?


Many of my seniors opt to do an additional senior session. What this means is we book two sessions to happen on two separate days. You might be thinking, why? There are a number of reasons to add an additional senior session

Seasons – Many seniors want to have their pictures taken in the summer and the fall, like Skylar here. It showcases the senior in different settings to show off who they are. This is a great way to get vibrant summer greens and bold fall colors all in one.

Different Hair/Make-Up – Some seniors want to have different hairstyles and the single two hour session just doesn’t give us enough time to change it up and continue to photograph.

Time – Sometimes a senior has so many ideas for props, locations, outfits, etc that we simply don’t have enough time in two hours to get the job done. I schedule the second session at a different time because more than two hours can be exhausting for them. I also don’t split up my two hour sessions into two individual hours because sometimes it takes a senior awhile to warm up. We still get good photos in the first hour, but those real smiles have a tendency to come out during hour two. This way if we add an extra hour later, they are already comfortable and know what to expect.

Skylar’s first session was in June! The greens were so vibrant and gorgeous!! She was my first senior last year and I loved how her first session turned out. She had so many outfit options in the most beautiful, flattering colors too!

Skylar’s additional senior session was scheduled in the beginning of October. We had an epic location at the White golf course. I mean, just look at those colors! We also were able to get into the gym to showcase volleyball and track inside.

Skylar Bauman || Deuebrook High School Senior
Location: Gary SD & White SD

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