Cloudy Senior Sessions


Many people ask if cloudy days are good for a senior session. The best thing about clouds are they diffuse the light so you can shoot literally almost anywhere. On sunny days, we need to look for shade or have to keep the light behind the senior, which can limit our background options. As a professional, I know how to work my way around both for the best possible outcome.

Emma’s session wasn’t scheduled for sunrise or sunset time so this cloudy day was absolutely the best thing that could have happened for us. Mid day sun can be super harsh. With the open sky above us and no shade in many of the places we shot, we were able to take photos in this gorgeous diffused light without having to sacrifice the backdrops behind her.

Fun fact: Sunflowers face the sun as they grow. Most of the time, I can’t face my seniors towards the sun as they cannot keep their eyes open. For open fields of sunflowers, cloudy days are the absolute best days so we can see both our amazing senior and those big, yellow beauties.

Then, the sun poked out for just a few minutes so we captured that glorious sunshine on her hair too. I always love when we get a little bit of clouds and sunshine for the best of both worlds!

Emma Beavers || Redwood Valley HS Senior
Location: Redwood Falls MN & Surrounding Area

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