Balance Timeless & Trendy


Something that I pride myself in as a photographer in this day and age is being able to balance classic, beautiful portraits with current trends and styles. I want nothing more than you to have the perfect, smiling portrait of your son hanging on the wall. I also want him to post fun and creative shots we got of him with the sport he loves.

Jeremiah’s session is the perfect example of this. Mom wanted timeless, dressy photos of him that will not go out of style. He wanted really creative shots of baseball and football. I really think we got an amazing blend of both to make them happy.

I want your photos to showcase who you are right now in this moment, but I also want them to be timeless. With clothing trends, you will more than likely look back at some and say, “I can’t believe I wore that.” However, I also want you to not be able to tell the year that others were taken. It’s all about that balance!

Up until this point, Jeremiah is a little dressier. I tried to keep him in locations that honored that look. Now we will get a little more relaxed up until we headed to the baseball and football field for his sports shots.

These last photos were created in a garage, but can be replicated in almost any dark space. I just bring my lights and we can do some really fun stuff to make the photos a bit more dramatic!

Jeremiah Wiersma || Castlewood SD Senior
Location: Castlewood SD & Surrounding Area

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