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I absolutely love it when you want to incorporate your favorite animals into your senior session. I think it really showcases this time in your life and what you love. Meeting new furry friends is one of my favorite things. There a few things to keep in mind when it comes to having an animal be a part of the session that you should think about prior.

Location – Is this animal one that can be easily transported to locations that you have in mind or do we need to go to your house or farm? That plays a factor in your time and locations for travel.

Cleanliness – Make sure that Buddy or Thor or Ginger is all washed up and clean for pictures too. You will want them looking their best if we are taking the time to take pictures with them. You also don’t want them getting you dirty if we have more photos to take in the outfit planned for this pet. This also goes for any accessories they might need. (Also keep in mind that a blaze orange dog collar might clash with your red dress, so you might need to appropriately accessorize them as well.)

Cooperation – Will your pet be cooperative for pictures? If your dog doesn’t sit still or your horse is a little wild around strangers, it might be best to think long and hard about how important it is to get photos with. Animals have moods just like we do so we can’t always plan for that either. I will be super patient, but I also want to make sure that we use your time super wisely. If they aren’t cooperating, we might try to come back to it later, just forget it or try again at a later date.

Tate Kenyon || DHS Senior
Location: Gary SD & Clear Lake SD

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