Don’t be afraid to use color!


Tracy Area senior, Amber, was definitely not afraid of color for her senior session. I met her and her mom at McCrory Gardens in Brookings SD. This location is full of vibrant greens, neutrals and all the gorgeous flowers. Sometimes in order to match backdrops seniors will shy away from bringing lots of bold, vibrant colors. However if you send me your outfits ahead of time, I can help you pick locations that won’t be too much for your color choices and enhance how you stand out in your photos!

Also, Amber is such a fun girl! I loved exploring the park with her and capturing her amazing personality and ideas! I want to highlight the thought process behind her outfits, the colors and the locations that we picked! Her first outfit was a little bit subtle so we paired it with lots of greens and white flowers that brought out the print in her skirt.

Then she changed into black and pink combo, which was so bright and fun! I love how much she stands out and how we found the perfect shades of pink to compliment the outfit.

Following that we adventured over to this tiny house, which is absolutely darling! Amber’s next green dress worked perfectly with the tones that made this set perfect! I love all of the shades of green color together. Think absolutely worked together!

Then she put on a simple black dress to show off a little bit of class with her instruments. After, the volleyball jersey was such a fun contrast in comparison to this downtown alley. Last but not least this super cute little blue and white was exactly what this mural wall needed! Couldn’t have planned the color more perfectly!

Amber Hensch || Senior Session

Locations: McCrory Gardens & Downtown Brookings SD
Tracy Area High School

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